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ArcRad Inc.

ArcRad is a software and professional services company providing enterprise products and services to clients in a broad range of industries. Our industry domain experience covers digital signatures and identity verification, payments, financial services, retail, and artificial intelligence.

We understand how to build reliable, scalable high-performance enterprise solutions that solve our client's business requirements. Our solutions naturally include the non-functional requirements of operational management, traceability, metrics, alerts, and analytics so the client is always in control of their application. “If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing”.

For projects to be successful there must be ownership, accountability, and consequences, and the team must understand that “change is a constant”. To manage a project, you must be measuring. We have a saying, “If you’re not measuring, then you’re not managing”. We are always measuring and provide just enough process so productive work is always being delivered.

Recent studies by Capers Jones show that more than 50% of all custom-developed software projects fail, because business solutions are not developed in a managed, disciplined manner. To prevent these project failures, we combine a highly skilled team of professionals with project management and a formal, but practical full life cycle development process that results in solutions that meet the business requirements and are delivered on time and within budget.

When clients need mission critical solutions, they call ArcRad.

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